Mathematical Fractals in Nature

Mathematical Fractals in Nature

Structures in nature and art that are based on mathematical fractals are always self-similar because they are hierarchical, meaning that patterns keep repeating themselves on a different scale. For example, a tree More »

Fractal Shapes in Nature and Art

Fractal Shapes in Nature and Art

If you look at an aerial picture of a coastline, you can’t tell without a scale bar whether it is a mile long or fifty miles long. This appearance of different objects More »

Bilateral Symmetry in Art and Nature

Bilateral Symmetry in Art and Nature

One of the most popular kinds of symmetry and order you see in many pieces of art is bilateral symmetry. Bilateral symmetry is when an object looks the same if you insert More »


About Us

Welcome to the website that discusses science, patterns, and algorithms in nature, art, and the universe. The world around us can be a confusing place, especially because there’s still no much unknown about it. Many people try to make more sense of it by finding order in the nature that surrounds them. They notice the cycles of day and night, the cycles in the times of the year, the dependency between the moon and the tides in the oceans.

People look for similarities, for predictability, regularity, and patterns.

Since the beginning of time, these factors have been the foundation of science. Most people try to break down complex things they witness and experience into simple rules and concepts. They are looking to find order among the things that initially look like chaos.

This means that most of the people are pattern seekers. Looking for patterns is something that we have hard-wired into our minds.

This website is about the connection between art, science, and nature. People from the different corners of the world have been including patterns and science into their works of art. From the ancient Egyptians to Native Americans, most cultures have been using patterns, discoveries, and knowledge in the decoration of their artefacts, architecture, and jewellery.

Many of these creations are not only beautiful and interesting, but also reassuring in that no matter what happens with the world around us, there’s still logic, structure and sense to it.

When people make their own patterns, they often do so through very deliberate and careful planning process. It seems that most people believe that in order for a pattern to exist, there needs to be someone to create it. This is why people in the ancient times imagined patterns in nature to be results of an intelligent design. Today, scientists study such patterns without having to believe in the higher power and this website will familiarise you with their discoveries.

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